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BodyTx Acupuncture Fort Saskatchewan

Hi everyone, it's Sarah here with BodyTx Massage and Health. I'm the registered acupuncturist here, and I just want to take your time today to explain what our body's are trying to do this time of year, and maybe explain some symptoms you may be feeling that you're finding a little weird.

So it's spring, spring is a time for cleansing and rejuvenation for overall health. Our bodies energies are trying to change from our winter energies. Winter, our energies are moving inwards and slowing down. Winter is very much a ying season, so summer is yang season. So we're in that transition of ying moving into yang, which is summer.

So, our energies are trying to move from being internalized and slowed down, to moving a little bit quicker and moving outwards, that sort of thing.

In spring, the related organ is liver and gall bladder, okay? So liver is in charge of smooth rule of chi. If the chi is getting a little stuck and stagnated, we can be feeling a little irritable and angry, and sometimes irrational. So, the liver is also a major component of female health, it relates to a lot of hormone balance and that sort of thing, so PMS may be a little bit worse, you might be finding you're having crappier periods as well, if the liver chi is a little bit stuck.

And I can definitely help with that. So, I'm going to give you a few health tips to make sure your liver chi's flowing nice and smooth, to prevent some of these symptoms as well that you can do on your own. So, the liver likes dark green leafy vegetables, this can help cleanse the liver, it helps get that chi flowing nice and smooth, which can help alleviate some of these symptoms as well.

The liver also loves sour foods, so adding lemon, lime, or grapefruit to your water can help also cleanse the liver and help this chi start to flow nice, okay?

Another thing, the liver is in charge of sinus in tendons, so it's important, maybe more so this time of year to make sure you're stretching. So stretch in the morning, stretch in the evening, maybe taking a yoga class. Also getting outside and moving to get that energy flowing a little bit more, get your blood flowing, to get you ready for the season as well.

Also, acupuncture can help with this a lot. We definitely focus on making sure chi is flowing smoothly. If it's stuck or stagnated, that's where we getting signs and symptoms, and sometimes disease, okay? And acupuncture's all about clearing these blockages and making sure you're at your optimal.

So if you have any questions feel free to email me at, and I hope these tips help you stay healthy this spring. And bear with us while warmer weather is on the way. 

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