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Success Stories!

Fort Saskatchewan Fertility, Pregnancy, Labour Prep & Induction Acupuncture 

or Pregnancy Massage! 

April Kliachik | Anne January 2019

Massage, Acupuncture and Reiki throughout pregnancy. Induction Acupuncture 

Carol, Sarah and Arlene were instrumental in helping me manage the aches and pains that came along with my pregnancy. It became nearly impossible for me to sleep, and walking caused excruciating pain. The massage, acupuncture and reflexology/reiki provided relief and made it possible for me to keep working. Baby Anne and I are very happy to have had them help us throughout the journey!

Tamara Taylor | Rémy Jan 2019

Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy, Induction Acupuncture Pregnancy Massage.

Thank you so much for all your help throughout this pregnancy and prior to!

You are amazing Sarah !!

S V |  Oct 2018

Induction Acupuncture Pregnancy Massage.

I was super skeptical at first, but nothing else was working on my sports injury. Sarah helped me get back to my sport. i saw Amberlynn for pregnancy massage, I also saw Sarah for induction acupuncture. Baby was born the day after the second treatment! 

Thanks so much Sarah!

Jessica Kydd |  Holly June 2018

Fertility Acupuncture, Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy, Labour Prep & Pregnancy Massage.

I’ve been seeing Sarah now for well over a year due to fertility issues and headaches. I was getting ready to do my last ivf cycle using a surrogate when I found out I was pregnant, naturally. I strongly believe that seeing Sarah regularly not only decreased my stress level, but was one of the main reasons I fell pregnant! My daily headaches are now gone. I am so thankful and still see Sarah monthly, and for the most part have had a stress free and relaxing pregnancy. 

Veronica Barton  |  Benjamin Nov 2017

Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy, Labour Prep & Pregnancy Massage.

About 4 months into my pregnancy I developed severe pain in my hip/glute. I went to the doctor, massage therapy and physio, but nothing was helping and I ended up on crutches for a couple weeks. I heard about Sarah from a friend and after one visit, I was able to walk again without the crutches and the pain cleared up quickly after the second session. Towards the end of my pregnancy she helped with the carpal tunnel I developed. I loved seeing my acupuncture ......

Katherine Kremp |  Adian March 2017

Fertility Acupuncture, Labor prep, Labour Prep & Postpartum Acupuncture

Sarah made me feel comfortable from the beginning, taking plenty of time with me and explaining everything very thoroughly. My doctor had recently told me that test results of my hormones showed an imbalance that could take over a year to correct before I would be able to maintain a Healthy pregnancy. After discussing this with Sarah at the initial appointment we came up with a treatment plan that worked for me and started immediately. Within 2 months I was pregnant! ........

Jennifer Mahoney  |  Paige May 2016

Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy, Labour Prep, Postpartum Acupuncture & Pregnancy Massage

I saw Sarah throughout my pregnancy to help manage my anxiety and pain. I would get bad sciatic pain from baby and would go in for an acupuncture treatment to relieve the pain. It would normally last a few weeks to a month it was a great way to manage pain! I also saw Marisa for massage during my pregnancy to help with normal body aches and pains during pregnancy.  We did a few Labour Prep treatments but I did have to get a scheduled c-section due medical reasons. I delivered a beautiful baby girl at 37.5 weeks. I saw Sarah after for postpartum treatments and acupuncture to help stimulate milk production. 


Consents have been signed for BodyTx Massage and Health to use photos and stories from clients. 

We are excited to be able to showcase newborn photos from 2 local photographers here in Fort Saskatchewan.

Top photos from Happy Ever After Photography

Bottom photos from A. Keen Photography

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