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Tips and Tricks

Save yourself from saying “why didn’t I try this before?”

Our hardworking senior population sometimes has the perception that alternative health treatments such as massage and acupuncture are more for relaxation purposes and not therapeutic purposes. But what most end up saying after trying this type of treatment for the first time is “why didn’t I try this a very long time ago??”

Why Epsom salts?

Despite mixed research on the efficacy of Epsom salts, we stand by recommending it for post massage or acupuncture treatment to loosen up muscles and reduce soreness.

We now have Heat Packs!

We are sooo excited about our new addition here at the clinic...our wonderful and amazing Hydrocollator! We now can offer cozy warm heat packs during our treatment sessions. These help to loosen up the muscles and enhance healing.

Don't Let Stress Hurt You

3 Tips on how to deal with ever-growing stress that we all seem to face.

Don't Put Yourself on the Back Burner

You can find time for self-care! Massage and Acupuncture should be integrated into your regular lifestyle maintenance.

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