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Meet RMT AmberLynn Nott

AmberLynn love’s Photography, Craniosacral Therapy, how the brain works, functions and interprets stimuli. She loves the East Coast of Canada and plans to travel to Europe next year.

AmberLynn specializes in Therapeutic Relaxation massage using moderate to deep pressure with more fascial work to instill a slower, deeper release. Craniosacral Therapy is AmberLynn’s newest specialty and we must say, she is BRILLIANT at it. 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

The excitement she gets from her career is enjoying the people she gets to work with, and the bonds formed with her clients. AmberLynn likes being able to share her passion with people and being able to help them at the same time. Her father pointed her in the direction of massage therapy though it wasn't her first career choice, but she knew she wanted to use her gift of helping and service. Her father continues to push her in the direction of this holistic path and continues to encourage her learning.

AmberLynn keeps excited within her massage therapy career by learning new techniques and having clients who are engaged and willing to learn more about themselves, their health and well-being.

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