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Beat  the cold and flu!

I don't know about you but with my family we had the big sickness and illnesses go through the family. Also here at the clinic too we had a couple of people man down with either the cold or a flu. So I thought I'd take the opportunity as a result of this to talk about a few things that you can do to prevent hopefully any illnesses, also boost the immune system and try and if you do have it get through it a lot quicker if possible.

So one of the things that we offer at the clinic is essential oils and we have a blend that's an anti-viral blend it has eucalyptus tea tree oil and thyme in it. So it's a great blend to boost the immune system, get through the cold quicker or flu that you might be experiencing. We also have the individual essential oils on their own as well so eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Just one thing to note with the essential oils is if you have pets at home make sure that you are doing a little bit of research as to whether it might affect them. Some of them have been known if they're in high concentrations diffused into the air that it can affect them quite a lot. So just make sure that you're aware of what potential complications might arise. So just make sure you do research about using it at home.

Another thing to do that you can do is make some good tea. And so for example what I did at home is I took some fresh lemon, I actually cut the whole lemon into slices, included the lemon rind and let it set into the hot water as well as fresh ginger. So you just peel it and slice it into the tea or the hot water, let it soak in there for a good couple of hours. You can use honey or if you don't want to have sugar added to your drink you can also use a few drops of the stevia and just it make a little bit sweeter, not as sour that way and drink that as much as you can. Just lots and lots of fluids. Again the ginger is known to be an antibacterial so it helps you fight anything that you might have in your body. Also another drink that I recommend is the oregano oil, a few drops of that in a little bit of water, just swing it back, if you can swish it around in your mouth too, helps beat any bacteria that might be in your mouth as well. 

Finally we also have our diffuser bracelets. We also have necklaces too. They have lava beads on them that you can drop a few of the essential oils on it and you can wear it and it's around you all the time, just lets you breathe and inhale it as well. Just another way of if you find that it's bothering your skin you can have it on these lava beads.

So just thought that would be a couple of helpful tips for people especially with this change of season going from the end of fall into real winter even though it seems like it's been winter already for a while. Just a few reminders about staying indoors all the time, try and get outside as much as you can, get outside into the sunshine, today it's a beautiful day. Blue sky and sunny out there. So get some vitamin D, that also is a huge immune booster. 

So everyone stay healthy.

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