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Make 2020! A Proactive Tune-Up Year!

Hi there. I'm Sarah, the Registered Acupuncturist here at BodyTx and I just wanted to hop on today to discuss why I love this time of year. Yes, it's Christmas, festivities, parties and that sort of thing, but I want to talk to you about why I love it as a practitioner.

You may or may not know that acupuncture works best as a series of treatments. On average I would say about six depending on your condition, how severe things are, how long it's been ongoing, etc. After each treatment the results last longer and longer. After your first treatment with me, you might get results for a couple of hours, a couple of days after the second one, more days and so on.

This time of year is great because a lot of people are coming in to see me to use up their benefits and they had like an ache or a pain or this issue that they want to resolve because you have these benefits that you want to use up, which is great. When you have those benefits this time of the year that you haven't used, we can guarantee we're getting that series of treatments done before the end of the year. Come next year we're on what we call our tune-up basis. Tune-up basis is person depending and condition depended. Sometimes they're once a month, sometimes they're every couple of months.

Once we get significant symptom relief where things are lasting a month, then we put you down on tune-up basis. So once those symptoms start to reappear, and they might reappear in different ways in which we can discuss during treatment. Once you're finding that things are starting to reappear, we can book you in for a tune-up treatment. I usually leave it up to you because you know your body best and you'll start feeling things come back. That's when we want to do those tune-up treatments.

This time of year is great because we can do those series of treatments, use up your benefits and ensure that we have benefits for the tune-ups come the New Year so you have a happy, healthy new year and resolve some of these issues you may be having.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at Have a great day.

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