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Self Care​

Hi everyone. It's Constance with BodyTx Massage and Health. I'm outside here enjoying some nature, and having some time to reflect just on things that I like to take some time out for myself. I thought that it might be interesting or helpful to you in regards to some of the thoughts that I have had here this evening. In regard to sometimes we get so enraptured and busy, and stress is a big thing these days, that we have such busy lives, we lead these busy days and evenings, we find that there's not enough hours in that 24 hour period.

We're busy parents, we work and we want to get some fun time in as well, but sometimes we think 

about things such as nutrition or that workout that you want to try, oh you know, 

I'll get to that when things slow down ... push it back kind of thing.

And sometimes we have to make sure that we actually get that time to ourselves, that we prioritize ourselves. There's nothing better than giving yourself the energy that you need to function, and paying attention to yourself and your needs. There's nothing wrong with that, and it's very important and very healthy to do so.

Other people receive the best of us when we've taken care of ourselves. So when it comes to, you know, you wanted to try a better maybe health nutrition routine or even just exercise program, really think about how you can make that happen for yourself, and get that time built into your day, and say that, 

"No, this is something that I won't cut out on."

Even thinking about for body treatments, massage, and acupuncture. Sometimes I think, oh, I don't have time to fit that in in my day. But when you go and you come out of that treatment, and you go, "Oh, that's exactly what I needed," that's what you have to remember. Prioritize that and go, that's what I'm committing to.

The other thing that it comes down to is you're looking after yourself for your long-term health. So the more and more you push it back on the back burner, the harder it is for you to have maintained health, you have maybe more challenges to deal with down the road if you have pushed it back so much. 

"Now's the time, now's the time to deal with that."

If there's anything that's bothering you or if there's something that you really want to try out, go for it.

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