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Meet RMT, Marisa Walker.

When Marisa is not at the clinic, she loves to quad, camp and generally be outside with her family and 2 dogs. Marisa has never owned a passport, therefore she has never been outside of Canada...but she has driven across Canada 🇨🇦 multiple times in her life!

Marisa enjoys her profession and was drawn to becoming a massage therapist at a young age, when her mom was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Watching her mom struggle and be in pain every day made her dig into what she could do to help. Marisa wanted her mom to have a good quality of life and do her day to day stuff without so much pain.

In her practice, Marisa's autoimmune clients are some of her biggest challenges but are also the most rewarding, by helping settle their day to day pain. She strives to give her clients a better quality of life and that's what drives her passion for massage! 👐 She truly just enjoys helping others enjoy life. 😊

Marisa also specializes in Advanced orthopedic massage, women's health care and Fertility Massage.

What gives Marisa continual excitement about her profession is seeing amazing results and hearing how excited her clients are when their quality of life has improved and their suffering has decreased.

Marisa truly is passionate about massage because of how many people she gets to help every single day. ❤️🙌

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