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Meet our RMT Terri Jones.

When not at the clinic, Terri loves meeting up with her girlfriends and going out for dinner. She also enjoys binge watching The Office, Greys Anatomy and loves shopping for house décor.

Originally from the UK, Terri avoids being in Canada over Christmas because it’s too cold! 🥶

Terri and her fiancé are travelers. They have travelled Mexico, England, Scotland, France, Iceland, Thailand and plan to continue their journeys once the baby arrives. 🍼

Being a new Massage Therapist she hasn't decided what she wants to specialize in quite yet. She believes her strong points are treating specific injuries and using deep tissue and therapeutic techniques to achieve the best outcomes. 💪

What drew Terri into massage therapy is her interest with muscles and bones. She has always wanted a more physical job and wanted to work within the healthcare field. She finds it rewarding to help others. It’s rewarding to see people's quality of life improve when they are in less pain.

What Terri loves about being an RMT is meeting new people and learning about people’s life experiences. She feels we can all learn at least one thing from every person we meet. 😄 

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