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Reiki and Empowerment Coaching

Working with the Map of Empowerment, I help identify where you are emotionally.

Your emotions drive your choices.

Through empowerment coaching, after we’ve identified where you are emotionally resonating, we work through the different emotional levels allowing you grieve, feel fear, feel desire, be angry, feel pride and more; working towards becoming your most empowered self.

From your high vibe, emotionally empowered mind set, you can now focus on the choices you want to make with a clear mind, mended heart ❤️ and self confidence.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that has been used for centuries.

Although reiki has traditionally been used as a healing system, it is also extremely effective in helping individuals increase awareness, wisdom, personal growth and insight.

Practicing intuitive reiki, I have the ability to assist you in connecting to your higher self, balancing your personal energy flow and body.

Investing in reiki/coaching combo allows you to reap the benefits of both practices.

•balancing your personal energy flow

•opening up any blocked chakra’s within your body

•holistic healing practice to help you on your health journey

•breaking old patterns no longer serving you

•adding awareness into or onto your personal growth journey

•letting go of what is no longer serving you

•becoming aware of who you are, no longer having your past drive your present

•become intimately connected with your needs, wants, desires

•you learn “no” is a good word

•gain confirmation you are on the correct path

•you become grounded

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