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Hi, everyone. It's Sarah here, the registered acupuncturist at BodyTx Massage and Health. I wanted to talk to you today about the three main things I see here at the clinic that I treat. This is going to be outside of pain management. Pain is the big one that everyone thinks about acupuncture treating, so I want to talk about the three main things you may not have thought about acupuncture and helping you, or someone you love, with these conditions.

The number one thing I see here is fertility, women's health, and hormone balancing. So fertility, acupuncture is a great treatment for, it can be used if your condition is known or not known, so whether or not you have a diagnosis like endometriosis or PCOS, which are causing issue with trouble in conceiving, or the unknown, you just don't know, there's no medical reason as to why you guys are having trouble conceiving. So acupuncture is great. It also works really well in adjunct with other fertility therapies, so if you're going in to the fertility clinic, if you're on medication, or if you're doing IUI or IVF it's a good adjunct. They work really well together, so you don't have to pick and choose which one you want to do. They work really well together. Women's health, like menopause, any hormonal issues, painful periods, PMS, that sort of thing, acupuncture works really good for as well.

The number two thing I see here is neurological conditions. It could be neuropathy, headaches, migraines, anything that's like pain of the nerves or nervous system. Not necessarily always pain, but maybe numbness or tingling, pinched nerves, sciatica pain, that sort of thing, so that's the number two thing that I see here, and acupuncture is also very effective for it.

Number three would be mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, even just stress, that sort of thing. Of course, we don't recommend you do go off your medication, we just work alongside those medications and working with your doctor or if you're doing any other therapies as well. It can lower the stress response and stop some of those anxious feelings, quiet those panic attacks, that sort of thing.

If you have any specific questions, I'm always here and available by email at, you can always email me questions if you have any more questions about conditions I can help you with.

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