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Acupuncture & Massage is for Kids too!

BodyTx Massage Acupuncture Fort Saskatchewan

Hi there, it's Constance with BodyTx Massage and Health. I wanted to talk to you today, about a question that was posed to us by one of our clients, and I thought that it would be relevant to mention it to everyone, which is whether your children can come in for treatments, for massage therapy, or for acupuncture. And the answer is yes.

Children can certainly benefit from a variety of benefits, that the treatments can offer. So for massage therapy, we can certainly work with any injuries that your child may have sustained from sports, for example, for dance, or for hockey, or soccer. We often see a lot of leg injuries or low back pain, so we certainly can treat that. For anxiety or for attention focus, or sleep issues or concerns, acupuncture is often recommended too, for that.

As to what age is best recommended, it really depends on the child. And so, if you think that your child is okay with touch, say for example for massage, or if they have no concerns at all with acupuncture, they are certainly welcome to come try it. And if you think that they can stay on the table for a sustained period of time, that's another recommendation we think, we ask for you to consider.

But even if they are anxious about getting massage therapy or acupuncture, we certainly can offer a chance for your child to come into the clinic, and just take a look. See the clinic, see a treatment room, talk with our therapists, ask us questions about what we would do in a treatment. That is perfectly fine, we welcome that. And then that way there's no commitment to having to come in for a treatment.

And sometimes children are anxious about that, so there's certainly the chance for just coming in to check the clinic out, and to alleviate any concerns, or anxiety, that they might have from that. But typically we find, children who come in for these treatments, for massage, or for acupuncture, they come out of it so happy and relaxed, and they love it. So usually it's a very successful experience for them.

And if you are, if you have any questions about it, certainly contact us. Comment below, phone us (587)285-4411. If you have questions about acupuncture, you can certainly email her directly, Sarah directly, at and discuss the specific conditions, or concerns, that you may have for your child, with regard to acupuncture.

And another question we get, with children, is whether you have to stay in the treatment room, or be with your child. And we certainly recommend that, for your first treatment with your children. And then once they are comfortable, you can certainly stay in the waiting room, and let your child have their treatment.

So, any questions, feel free to comment below, contact us, and we'd be happy to help. Thanks.

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