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Natural Fertility Support

Lifestyle: Stress decreases fertility. Stress increases inflammation and promotes an autoimmune response all of which can affect ovulation and overall success of conceiving. Stress also decreases IVF success rate. Deep breathing has been proven to calm the nervous system and promotes relaxation. Do something you love and that makes you laugh. These practices will increase endorphins and oxytocin the happy hormones, which are all things involved in successful conception.

Diet: Consume nourishing foods that have a high vitamin and mineral content. Consume more super foods and avoid processed foods, stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and alcohol. Consume high quality bioavailable multivitamins and minerals will provide your body with what it needs to produce healthy and fully mature follicles, a receptive uterine lining and good quality sperm! Sperm health is strongly affected and influenced by optimal nutrition.

Acupuncture and Ovulatory Drugs: Weekly treatments during the use of ovulatory drugs can help minimize drug side effects, ensure good follicular development, ensure good endometrial receptivity and help reduce stress.

Acupuncture: frozen and Fresh IVF cycles:3 months of treatment prior to the IVF cycle is recommended. Follicles take 90-120 days to develop.

Your Period: Acupuncture will ensure a complete shedding of the uterine lining and set the stage for a healthy and receptive endometrial re-growth.

Follicular Development: 2 sessions during cycle days 4-11 will ensure optimal blood flow/nutrition delivery to the developing follicles.

Follicular Maturation: cycle days 11-14. Follicles are ready for either ovulation or for egg retrieval. If you are undergoing fertility treatments, a treatment before egg collection, at trigger shot will complete maturation and loosen the follicles to facilitate a smooth retrieval to ease your discomfort and minimize cramping.

Post Egg Retrieval: REST, get acupuncture to settle down tissue trauma and restore normal blood flow to the pelvis.

Transfer: simply continue seeing your acupuncturist weekly to follow the phases of the menstrual cycle. Treatments before and after the transfer promote endometrial receptivity and embryo nourishment, also can ease any discomfort you may have post transfer and reduce stress and anxiousness.

Positive Pregnancy: Continue with weekly sessions or follow the acupuncturists recommendations. These treatments are geared towards reducing stress, first trimester symptoms and help maintain a healthy pregnancy. Second and third trimester monthly sessions to address any issues or concerns. At 35 weeks weekly sessions for labour preparation.

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