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Busting Common Myths Around Body Treatments

Transcript from one of our VLogs. Scroll to the end and you can watch the original video.

Hi there it's Constance with BodyTx Massage and Health, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. Just wanted to talk today a bit about some myths that oftentimes we find clients come into the clinic with regard to treatments. So just wanted to mention a few things just to keep in mind if you're thinking of coming in for a treatment or if you've been in and have nagging questions in the back of your mind and not too sure whether you can ask. 

So one of those myths is whether you're allowed to ask questions during a treatment and the answer is "Yes!" of course you are! You are the main purpose for the treatments so we want the best outcome for you. Oftentimes people feel a little bit concerned about asking questions during the treatment or even just commenting if there is something that's bothering them or if the pressure is too light or too deep. Please don't feel like we as therapists would be offended if there is something that you would like changed during your treatment. We are here to help you get the best out of your treatment or the most out of your treatment. So if the pressure for example is not what you're wanting or would like please definitely feel free to let us know.

Same goes for the types of treatments that you're receiving. So I just wanted to touch base a little bit in regard to massage therapy. Oftentimes a lot of people will ask for a deep tissue treatment and obviously with different training available and different experience as therapists, we have different ways or techniques of using what we would consider deep tissue.

So I just wanted to talk about what the goal is of deep tissue treatments. Typically that involves a deeper pressure and I think that's what most clients come in thinking that is what they will receive but please know that there is a little bit of a difference in terms of deep tissue vs. therapeutic.

Therapeutic often involves different types of pressure and often involves maybe some stretching during the treatment, some lighter pressure, and so it's a bit of a combo with the goal of treating a specific concern. Deep tissue often involves a deeper pressure and can on occasion be painful but not necessarily with a treatment goal in mind. So for example if you're coming in with a specific pain condition, say for example you have TMJ in the jaw, deep pressure may not necessarily be the technique that we would advise for that type of condition.

So I just wanted to mention that difference is that deep tissue typically is for deeper pressure and it may involve deeper, longer strokes of massage. It may not necessarily be a painful situation but it can also have that aspect in that you may have a bit of soreness the next few days afterward. So just wanted to clarify that part of things.

Another myth or thing that people come in to the clinic with an idea in their mind is that they can't comment after their treatment so if for example something was really not working for you or if you wanted something changed, or even if you wanted to try a different therapist. Please feel free to make that comment or ask to see someone else, that is totally what we're about.

We're a clinic that has a variety of therapists and we truly are here to offer you the best match to the type of treatment that you're looking for. It's not a concern that if you don't stick with the same therapist. We aren't offended at all. We would rather see you get the help that you need and the treatment that you need. Don't feel like you have to stick with a certain person if it wasn't quite the match that you're looking for, and please feel free to comment after your treatment if something wasn't the way that you wished. Just make it be what you are looking for. So just wanted to mention a few of those things and if you have any questions, definitely contact us and let us know. 

Hope to see you soon!

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