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Cupping Therapy Fort Saskatchewan

Hi, everyone, Sarah here with BodyTx Massage and Health. I'm just here to talk to you about cupping today and the differences between the different types, some that you may have had, and what you will experience here, that sort of thing.

One I wanna highlight for you is the pump cups. We don't use them a lot here, but some massage therapists like to use them. Basically, you just put them on and use the pump just like that, that sort of thing. The difference between these one and the fire cupping, which I'll talk about to you afterwards, is that pump cups force the tissue into the cup. Where as the fire cups, they're a little bit more easier and similar to the silicone cups. As the tissues relax, more moves into the cup to create that suction.

The next one for you, and we do lots of these ones here, are the silicone cups. Okay. These ones, you squeeze to create the suction. You can squeeze the other the opposite way, which also creates more suction. These are a little bit more gentle and they're a good option to do at home. They're not too aggressive, and they're the most similar to the fire cups, which is why I like them. Our therapists use them lots during massage.

One style is sliding cups, and that's what I like the silicone cups for. Use a little bit of oil and just move them back and forth to create some good circulation, as well to promote healthy tissue.

Time to talk to you about how fire cupping is done. With this, we use the flame to create the suction. The flame doesn't come anywhere near you. Flame goes in the cup, and the cup goes down nice and fast. That creates the suction. As you will see, it's pulling in some tissue there, and as we get into the deeper layers, more and more will go into the cup. Getting deeper into the layers, moving up more of that stagnation, promoting better circulation so the healing properties can get to those tissues to heal.

It may feel a little pinchy or a little tight at first but as it get into the first initial layer, it relaxes quite nicely, and it's fairly relaxing. They do detoxify through the pores, so they might be a little itchy afterwards, and that's just the toxins sitting on top of the skin, irritating the skin. Once you wash that should ease.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call 587-285-4411 or email me directly at

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