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Recommended Lengths of Treatments 

Good morning, everyone. It's Constance with Body TX Massage and Health. We had a few questions recently, specifically from first-time clients looking to book in, and just wondering how long of a treatment they should be booking in for. So I thought I'd just discuss that a little bit. So, typically with massage, we recommend a good ... If it's the first time you've come in for a massage, or a first time if you've never had one before, we recommend a 60 minute treatment, and that just gives us time to really go through health history, do an assessment of the body, and really ... During the treatment, assess how things are going and if, afterwards, that treatment is completed, then we're able to discuss how long that treatment should go for, and recommend how many times you should be coming in, and how long your treatments should be.

In regard to the 30 minute massage, we highly recommend that for minors, for children, and if they've never come in for massage or if they may be fidgety or just not able to stay still for a long period of time. We recommend that 30 minute massage, and then that way we can assess and see how they're doing, and then if they think both between the parent and the child, and the therapist, if we think that longer would be recommended, then maybe bump up to the 45 minute treatment or the 60 minute treatment.

The 30 minute treatment is also beneficial for very specific conditions that someone might be experiencing. So, for example, if there's an injury in the hand or an injury in the neck that has been regularly worked on, the 30 minute is really handy for treatments to just deal specifically with a certain body part or condition. So, those are the types of lengths of treatments that we highly recommend.

90 minute massages are recommended for full body, trigger point, and deep tissue treatments. This give the therapist adequate time to work on multiple areas of the body or focus on 1 large area and get that great deep tissue treatment you been looking for. 

In regard to acupuncture, if you're a first time acupuncture client, then we recommend the up to 90 minute assessment/treatment. So Sarah goes through a detailed health history and assessment with you just to really dig deep into what might be causing the symptoms you might be experiencing and really dig deep to the root cause of things, and then it's followed by a 60 minute treatment. And then, after that, follow-up treatments are typically recommended to be the 60 minute treatment.

So, any questions about how long a treatment should be when you book in, feel free to give us a call. It's 587-285-4411 and hopefully that helps you decide which length of treatment you're looking for. Okay? Thanks guys. 

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