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Meet Registered Acupuncturist and Owner, Sarah Gandey!

Sarah loves to travel and to spend time with her husband, and doggo Ellie.

With a background in health care, Sarah found she couldn’t help patients as well as she would have liked. Which has led her onto the path of Acupuncture.

Sarah specializes in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, and sports medicine acupuncture. She is a member of the OBAA (Obstetrical Acupuncture Association) She used to travel all over with teams as an athletic trainer, and has gone to national and world championship tournaments. She also trained in China for acupuncture!

She enjoys treating Women’s Health, menopause, painful periods, allergies and pain as the results can be very profound and life changing for the client.

Sarah LOVES that she can give clients relief when western medicine might have failed them.

She keeps excited throughout her career as an acupuncturist by when she sees a client get as excited as she is by the amazing results they received from acupuncture.

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